Splurge or Save: Quilted Shoulder Purse

Splurge or Save: Quilted Shoulder Purse


Let me begin by saying one cannot compare a Chanel with much of anything else in my eyes. But the purpose of this post is simply to determine when is the right time to splurge, and when its time to save. We all would love to treat ourselves with a Chanel shoulder bag, this I already know. But whom here has $3,000 burning a hole in their pockets?! That’s what I thought….

Small, dainty, quilted shoulder purses has been gracing the runways this spring more than ever. Who knew a small bag could leave such a grand impact. And although this seems ridiculously pointless for a mama to own, possibly holding a diaper and a wipe {hope that change won’t be a messy one}, it’s great to have for a night out with the girls. So this Spring when your on the hunt for a shoulder bag, the smaller the better, because remember, less is more. 

However if it’s the splurge you must have, then for the sake of your children’s trust funds, start putting aside a savings now, keep your eyes and ears peeled for flash sales at places like Beyond the Rack and HauteLook and get ready to feel extremely happy and horrible all in the same moment that you drop a down payment for a car, on a vehicle that will hold your lip gloss and spare change. Don’t get me wrong I am all for quality designer pieces for my wardrobe, especially when they are timeless, but if both my husband and I didn’t work so hard for every single penny we have, then maybe dropping that kind of money on a bag wouldn’t feel so wonderfully tragic. 

One day I will own a Chanel purse, and this day will be very bitter sweet. 


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