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Spot The Steal: Peplum


Although not identical, these two Peplum tops are similarly gorgeous. Both with a bold pattern and equally as lovely. Now this one for me was a “no brainer” but this is only because I eat, bleed and cry this particular designer and am able to spot his pieces a mile away.  Tell me did I stump you this Friday? Did your heart choose the $1,525 show stopper or did it prefer the $46 beauty?


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  1. Booth super cute… I will take the cheaper!

  2. I guessed wrong again! I’m so not good at this game lol

  3. Ah yes, I’m glad I liked the cheaper one 🙂 It’s so nice when the things you like are actually within your reach! love this series of posts


    By the way, I’m celebrating my 1 year blogiversary with a giveaway. Come over and enter to win an eiffel tower necklace if you like 🙂

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