Spot the Steal

Spot the Steal: Shoes

With one ringing in at $180 while the only a mere $40. Can you tell which is which? I sure know that I have a favorite, and naturally, it’s the one that will cost me 4 months of diapers. Damn you Jeffrey Campbell and the luxury car you came in on. Having said all these hurtful things, let’s all be honest, $180 is still not too bad, wouldn’t you agree. Then again A Jeffrey Campbell Shoe isn’t everyone “cup of tea”. 

Did you spot the steal? Or are you as dumb-founded as Lindsay Lohan in court?


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  1. I did it again! 2 for 2!

  2. I love this little segment!
    Clever! very clever

    xo Jessica

  3. Left is Jeffrey Campbell I believe – the other are Charlotte Russe (I could be wrong). I would guess the left is more expensive because they actually used grommet holes on the boots & suede vs. the (appearing to be) man made material on the right 🙂

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