Spot the Steal: Biker Boots

Spot the Steal: Biker Boots


With Fall Fashion finally showing it’s face on news stands now, we see that the Biker Boots have made the cut and will be gracing many fabulous feet for the chilly seasons ahead of us. I, myself, love a good biker boot and will no doubt be eyeing the perfect ones for me. This week on Spot the Steal we have narrowed in on this badass trend, and are seeing if you have what it takes to snag the deal? One of these delinquents rings in at $60 while the other pair plays dangerously on the railroad tracks at $535. Will you be sporting the Biker Boot Trend this Fall and Winter, and can you Spot the Steal?  


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  1. I was wrong about the steal. I will definitely be wearing biker boots and I never thought that I would be saying that. I purchased a great pair from Sterling shoes: Fergalicious booties. I absolutely love them. Wore them all weekend and they are super comfortable.


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