Spot the Steal: Floral Pants

Spot the Steal: Floral Pants


Floral Pants must be where the saying “fancy pants” derived from. I’m sure of it! Whether you like the bold feminine statement or not, they are here to stay for the Spring Season ahead of us. Seen in many shades or neon hues, you can get your legs into almost anything floral these days. I myself don’t mind the trend, am actually looking forward to finding something floral that works for me on and upcoming Spring Shopping haul. 

Tell me lovelies, with Floral Pants being this weeks Spot the Steal, can you guess which of these beauties is only $25? And can you put your finger on the one that just squeezes in under $400? Not only do I want to hear who can Spot the Steal, but I want to know which you prefer, cost aside!


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