Spot the Steal: Fringe Boots

Spot the Steal: Fringe


This weeks Spot the Steal has a special place in my hearts shoe closet. You see I love fringe. Ask me if I own anything with fringe I will regrettably answer no. I need a little fringe in my life… as do you. So here is what I say to you. IF you get this weeks question correct, “can you Spot the Steal“, then you buy them. Simple as that. This week, I actually prefer the steal, and think I might have to dig deep and finally make my first fringe purchase. One of these fancy fringed boots clocks in at just shy of $400, while the other puts a smile on my face at $40. Crazy right? Tell me lovelies, can you Spot the Steal?


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  1. These are so cute and would look perfect with skinny jeans! My mom would love that fringe! PS I love the steal more! 😉

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