Spot the Steal: Furry Mittens

Spot the Steal: Mittens


...a mitten, is a mitten, is a mitten?

This weeks Spot the Steal focuses on keeping our pretty little hands warm, while still staying uncontrollably chic. The last thing we fashion fems need, is to be cold while attempting to look our best. Right? This is why I feel the mitten was invented. So that fashionista’s world-wide can stay feminine, sweet, and chic during the cold winter season. So when asked, if a mitten, is a mitten, is a mitten… the answer is – I think not! While one of these furry friends is priced at $20, the other has a tag price of $180. Are you able to Spot the Steal lovelies?

PS: t-minus 5 days until the BIG MAN arrives. I’m literally beyond excited. What did you ask for this year?


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