Spot the Steal: Resin Cuffs

Spot the Steal: Resin Cuff


This weeks Spot the Steal is one I hold near and dear to my heart. The designer of one of these resin cuffs is one that I have always dreamt about owning. A piece of fashion history if you will. Resin has been quite popular this season, from Jewellery to handbag details, I really quite love the material. It shines like no other and its quite light to wear, which is very important for the holiday season when your accessories can sometimes take you from day events to evening parties. 
Now, while one of these cuff’s rings up at $48 on sale, the other will leave your account in the red, costing you nearly $2,000. Now having said all that, I hands down prefer the more costly one, thanks to my love for this amazing designer. 
Are you able to Spot the Steal?

PS: It only felt appropriate to do a Spot the Steal on Jewels as today is my 4th Anniversary. If you’re reading this Sammy, and have actually made it to the last sentence, I love you very much… and if I found this Chanel Cuff under the tree this year, I would not hold it against you for spending this amount on a mere piece of resin. Never ever!


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  1. #1 for the steal, xoxo <3

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