Spot the Steal: Studded Loafers

Spot the Steal: Leopard Studs


It’s that time again lovelies, its Thursday which means it’s time to spot the steal. With one of these studded beauties ringing up at almost $1,500 the other is very sweet to our credit card bills and only chimes in at $100. Can you spot the steal? This week my heart only goes only for the riches, I have fallen madly in love…head of heels, if you will, for the bank breaker. Although I will not be strutting my stuff in them anytime soon, dreaming doesn’t cost me a dime. 

Could you spot the steal? Or will you be crying the next time you step your $1,500 feet in someone else’s gum?


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  1. Woot guessed right! Two weeks in a row!

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