Strawberry stealing

I’ve got to say I have pretty incredible friends. Seriously though. A girlfriend went away for the week to get some well deserved rest and relaxation with her family. And on her way out she texts me to say this:

I’m leaving now for sechelt and we’ll be back on Monday. Feel free to go and pick strawberries and cut some flowers 🙂 There’s calla lilies and tiger lilies. The strawberries should be ready for picking on Wednesday. bring a bowl, and bring a vase for flowers. 

Seriously people I dare you to go toe to toe with me on who has the sweetest friends. I never take this for granted the true friendships that I do have, I cherish dearly. So what did you think Sofia Marie and I did yesterday afternoon? You betcha! We got on our black and white striped shirts, and tip toed our ways into her backyard, bowls and pinking shiers in hand. Not going to lie, I was looking over my shoulder ever now and again. Felt a wee bit delinquent-like to just be trampling along in someones backyard picking all their ripe fruit. On our way out of course I bump into the mail carrier, and I’m pretty sure he thinks I have a stuttering problem. I made it all the way home without being pulled over by any blue and red flashing lights, so I would say it was a success. 

On the menu this evening, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Fresh friendship Strawberries. I shall skip dinner because I can. 

Come play…
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