Studded Love

Studded Love

Studs have gone from rocker jean jackets to an accent that can go on absolutely everything, including your sunglasses. I love this metallic trend so much, gives just a perfect amount of edge to your outfit without looking like a hardcore groupie. Studs can change a basic tee or shorts into a work of art, or how I like to look at it a Designer on a Dime piece that’s oh so perfect to make a statement and your mark on the fashion world. 

What do you think of this studded trend. You in? or out?

#5 – a hot Pink Studded Short says I’m tough, but still very much a girl!
#6 – studded hips give a whole new meaning to ‘hips don’t lie’, they don’t and they can do some serious damage. 
#1 – torn up and studded,  you can’t get much more semi ‘badass’ than this when it comes to shorts.
#2 – aztec mixed with a stud  is not only a great way of mixing trends but a sure way to impress that fashion gods. 
#4 – a little florals with a  little studs say ‘hardcore nana’ to me. Bring it on granny! Bring it!
#3 – these cross thigh studded  shorts are probably my favorite. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever wear them however. ‘Hello inner thigh nightmare


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