Summertime Shoes under $50

Shop Canada: 12  //  345
Shop USA:  1 – 2  //  345

I did a little damage online yesterday and hit up Forever 21. My mind was blown at all the shoes I found that I caught myself saying I “needed in my life”. They were that amazing people; that amazing! To think I could have them all, only dropping $150 in total. That sounds like a successful shopping trip I’d say. I’m an avid believer that buying shoes, purses and accessories of a superior quality is important to create a quality look, however when it comes to sandals, a shoe I can only wear for 3 months out of the year, I prefer a steal vs a splurge. Here are my 5 steals from Forever 21 this week {with links to purchase both in Canada and the US}.

Have fun shopping, and don’t forget to shop safe. If you’re spending over $100 on a single item, let it sit in your shopping bag for an hour. Hit your closet and ensure you can make at least 5 outfits with it. Come back to it, if you heart still aches for it; then charge it up!

PS: Wanna see more pieces I just love? Come shop my online closet here!


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