Super Turtle; he fights the cold & flu

2016-01-14 20

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve been a huge advocate in finding ways to really fight off germs from entering our home. Passing the cold and flu onto one another that kept us indoors and missing out on life for nearly 6 weeks, that’s all it took for me to want to punch every germ in the throat. I’m so done with it, I will be happy to never see another cold or flu in this house again!

I would assume that winning the lottery would feel very similar to finding a parenting forums online sharing parenting hacks that actually work. Within my days of research for random crazy helpful parenting tips I found this little gem, a company called Aroma2Go who sell products that deliver aromatherapy on the go. We’re talking portable germ-fighters here people, take with you stress-relievers, does it get any better than this. If you’re an essential oil user like myself I have no doubt you will find great excitement in their USB Diffusers, I mean think about the ways you can use this?! At work, diffuse a little peppermint oil for some serious productively and irritating boss coping skills, or better yet the next road trip use it in your car to diffuse some lavender putting those babes in the ideal road tripping mellow vibes (hello sleepy children). Honestly think of the ways! 

IMG_0146The first thing I gravitated to on their site was their AromaPets, because of course, what mother doesn’t see a stuffed animal and instantly think of the smile it will bring to their child?! These AromaPets are a stuffed animal that is not only adorable but totally squeezable, they light up and fill your babes bedroom with the scent of any essential oil of your choice. It’s got a perfect little zippered pocket to the side that holds a small essential oil pad for you to add a drop of two of your favorite aromatherapy blend. Put the pad back into the pocket and zip it closed to let off a subtle yet effective scent while your child sleeps. Let me tell you, we’ve since grown a loving towards doTERRA’s On Guard blend that helps with fighting off germs, by building immune support and keep this always on Sofia’s night stand. When the super turtle (as Sofia refers to her as) needs a little topping up, usually by the weeks end, it’s an easy and quick little task we can both do right before bed. So far so good, we’ve been germ-free (*knock*knock*) for a good month now and we plan on keeping it this way for as long as humanly possible. 

SALE// Just noticed that these AromaPets are on sale, normally they’re priced at $45, but right now are selling for just under $30. For those of you with children who love to sleep with a stuffed animal at night or even ones who love the company of them and bring them on daily adventures, I can’t tell you how wonderful our little turtle has been since getting her! 


ARE YOU into essential oils and do you have a blend that you can’t live without? I am still fairly new to the world of aromatherapy but love hearing success stories from blends you and your family has tried and loves. Reach out and let me know on today’s Facebook feed and share some of your parenting-hacks when it comes to essential oils.





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