FAMILY: A Day In The Life {Seattle Bound}

Our morning got off to a rather interesting start, she requested a sandwich for breakfast with a side of *really* green smoothie on her Marcus & Marcus rubber divided plate, I wasn’t about to fight her on it as we wanted to be in the car and out the door in 30 minutes. She got her request, ate is all without any drive-by requests “take another bite please” from yours truly; So I’m going to just chalk this one up as a win. But of course in that 30 minutes between being up, changed, fed and out the door she decided that the outfit she had chosen […]

A DAY IN THE LIFE: A Working Mom

Sunday was wild, and not in regular form. It had nothing to do with excessive meltdowns or a child who is refusing to eat, but everything to do with a runway show and changing a woman from one wedding dress to another in under 60 seconds. Not sure if you all fully know, but I work on weekends at Isabelle’s Bridal, a Wedding Boutique in North Vancouver. My great friends Kasia and Basia purchased the store just over a year ago and I’ve been there as a Wedding Dress Consultant for the past 5 or 6 months. The Wedding Season is ramping up and beginning now and into […]

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Sofia & Max

It feels so rewarding to get family together under one roof successfully, but even more so when it’s between little people that will forever cherish these memories when they grow up. Sofia and her youngest cousin, baby Max {a name that I’m sure he’ll grow to just love} had a great day together this past weekend. The stars aliened and there was a double rainbow sleepover at Nana and Papa’s  house Friday night. Fun was had from morning to night and lucky for me a camera was clicking at all times. Between me and my mama we snapped shots through out the entire day, minus meal times because I would […]