FEATURE: The Avion Rockstar Life

Don’t get stuck looking in from the outside, you too can be treated like a Rockstar with Avion! For the past 3 years we’ve enjoyed the luxury of shopping like a Rockstar over the Christmas Holidays. HA! This is not a joke, the only difference between how I shop and Justin Bieber is that he has to stop for autographs (sucker!). When you’re an Avion card holder you get the luxury of many things, but one that I thoroughly enjoy each year, and if you ask Sammy maybe a little too much, is the Avion Holiday Boutique.  Setup in Metropolis at Metrotown, the Avion Holiday Boutique offers […]

FEATURE: RBC Avion Holiday Boutqiue

I announced it earlier this week on instagram, and why not share some more details with you that don’t know why my excitement is through the roof. The RBC Avion Holiday Boutique will be setting up shop in Coquitlam CentreĀ again this season and I honestly could not be more excited. We were lucky enough to go last year, and by go I mean live there. We utilized it all, the valet, their free Starbucks and chocolate covered pretzels, free gift wrapping, coat check, and wifi. Honestly whomever at Avion headoffice thought of this brilliant idea, the Avion Holiday Boutique, they deserve a raise, and by this I […]

FEATURE: RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

A day in the life of an Avioner… It’s pretty spectacular I must say. Especially this holiday season, busy malls, limited parking and a whole lot of mayhem finding the perfect gift for those you love. I shop for a living. Seriously. Even I get stressed over the thought of mall shopping anytime during the month of December. To me it seems like I’m just asking for a meltdown. Not only from Sofia, but myself. Hey! Adult tantrums are allowed! Ask Brittney Spears, or even Linday Lohan, I bet Kanye West might have a little incite on this too. Either way, I don’t get all gitty inside […]