BEAUTY: Mascara with big impact

We’re back! November was a crazy month for me and although the ladies from the BEAUTY BUST! Team were more than ready, I wasn’t. So now that we’re back, naturally it makes sense to come with a BANG! I asked and once again these ladies delivered; I wanted to know the best mascaras that make the biggest impact. I’m talkin’ falsies without all the fuss, and by fuss I mean glue {damn it! if it takes me 45 minutes to put on lashes; ain’t nobody got time for that!}. So without further ado, here are the best mascara’s for the biggest impact: I’m not too attached to any […]

BEAUTY: Flawless Foundation (PART ONE)

  Pretty certain there’s no better place to start the BEAUTY BUST! series, than with our foundation. It’s where we all start when it comes to our morning makeup routines, am I right? And to those out there that skip the foundation step, I bow down to you! I asked the BEAUTY BUST! girls all about foundation in the first of our four part series, hoping to get it off to a solid start; today I’m sharing with you their tips, tricks, and suggestion for applying flawless foundation at home. Have you ever wondered if spending the money on a good sponge or brush was worth it, or […]

REVIEW: Accessories by BaubleBar

Calling all Canadian Accessory-Feens! You’re not going to wanna miss out on this incredible news! BaubleBar officially ships to Canada and I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you! Quality accessories at affordable prices, and shipped as if it were going to royalty. LITTLEMISSMAMA20 gets you 20% off until 09/20/13 So if you are not familiar with BaubleBar… you really should be! Let me introduce you to them, you can thank me the next time you see me in a Starbucks Apple Spice, with whip and extra caramel drizzle. BaubleBar is your ultimate source for accessories. Pieces that are sure to suit any style, and designs that can […]

BEAUTY: Makeup Express!

…their’s an app for that! My favorite quote over the last few months, mostly said in jokes, this time it’s for real. Maybelline has come out with an “app for that”. They have made finding your perfect shade of foundation less of a gamble. No getting it wrong now, blending has never been so easy. Simply download the app, picture your inner wrist or jawline and they match you up with your perfect shade to tone in foundations, powders, and concealers. Amazing right? The app, Makeup Express, is not only good for flawless foundations. It also gives you access to video tutorials from Maybellines top celebrity makeup […]

REVIEW: Michael Todd True Organics

I was lucky enough to try some major components of the Michael Todd True Organics skincare line.  A cleaners, a toner, a scrub, a mask and a serum. Waiting on their arrival, I did my due diligence as a beauty conscious woman on not only the brand, but the ingredient and what others are saying about Michael Todd True Organics. The days it took in transit  was more than enough time for me to determine that this was one of those skincare lines you don’t pass up on. I took many things into consideration when it came deciding if this product was a keeper before I even […]