BEST OF NETFLIX; When all else fails!

Tell me you know the feeling? Your favorite reality series have come to an end (Big Brother Canada), your favorite new comedy series got cancelled (Grandfathered), you can’t figure out what’s going on with your other classic comedy series (New Girl) and your PVR is full to the brim with things that make you contemplate just calling it a night and going to bed at 8pm (Pawn Stars, Doc McStuffin and Napkin Man). So when good TV fails me, I have Netflix! Who knew the comfort of TV anytime, anywhere, would be a security blanket for me. Who am I kidding, I knew… I knew since shows like Saved by the […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; Unexpected Night Off

You know when you unexpectedly get a night off, you child skips off to your parents place for a sleep over leaving you and your husband with a childless day and night? No? Me neither… until a few weekends ago. We very rarely ship Sofia off to her Nana and Papa’s house not because she doesn’t want to or that they don’t want it (both parties love it) but because we just really enjoy spending the time with Sofia as a family of 3. Our weekends are the only real time that we get to spend together as Sammy works shift work, we utilize our weekends the best way we can […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; First Trimester, The Struggle Is Real

We all know the first trimester in a pregnancy can sometimes be the hardest. From the lack-of-energy, the all-day-sickness and the desire to eat nothing but know you must eat all the healthy things. This is why for the first trimester we pretty much stayed indoors and vegged out. Loads of crafts, backyard playing and movies… ALL THE NETFLIX SHOWS AND MOVIES! I loved that most of these days I had company, the family was very much into hanging out with me couch-side. Pajamas all day was something that became less of a treat and more of a normalcy in the house for the past few months. […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; for the bath

The bubbles, they don’t judge. The bar of soap, it doesn’t care. The razor, it could really care less. You know those shows you can’t stop watching but would never want someone knowing you actually pulled an all-nighter watching again. The shows you’ve memorized your favorite lines on and actually use them in your head on a daily basis, How you doin’? Yeah! Those ones. Those are what I call “The Best of Netflix Bubble Bath Edition” and today I let mine out of the bag. I’m going out on the limb here and sharing my guilty pleasures, in hopes that you won’t judge my choice of re-re-re-re-runs. Really […]