Our Christmas Traditions; What Do We Do?

We’ve been asked a few times about our family traditions over the holidays like, “do you have any family traditions you’ve carried into your family that were from your childhood?” or even “does your family have any modern holiday traditions” and my favorite yet “what in the world are you doing! this is a family tradition?!“. Clearly you’re all very excited to learn about our family’s Christmas Traditions… so let’s get right into it.  I thought now, more than ever, was a good time. The last few days here in November, before the Christmas Music hits the radio waves, before people start updating their e-mail signatures to […]

{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

As tradition would have it, each year our friends all get together and host a “chosen family” Christmas party. We all gather at one of our homes and do what any family would do when all coming together in a small space, we get loud. What started as couples getting together over the holiday having a nice quiet dinner together has now become a gathering of a small army of people, 18, while we do our very best to not disrupt the neighbors.  In the years previous whoever hosts the gathering makes the main course while the rest bring sides and desserts, now with the addition of […]