VACATION: Disneyland Reveal

Remember when I told you we were going to Disneyland again? And remember when I told you I had something super fun planned to reveal the family trip to Sofia and her cousin Max? And I’m not sure if I also mentioned to you, but you should also know I have a horrible sense of “drawing the line” and often go overboard in the whole excitement and reveal… And because none of it actually happened unless you document it (am I right?), we have photographic and video evidence that I love watching over and over again but also proves going overboard is “my thing”. DISNEY REVEAL PLAN […]

TRAVEL: Is the Disney Photopass+ worthy of it’s hype?

Yes! Straight up, it’s worth every last penny, the entire 6,995 pennies that it cost ($69.95 if you buy it at least 14 days prior to your visit or $99.95 purchased anytime) it was worthy of, and more. Coming home knowing that I had just over 160 photos of me and my family together inside the park made this girl as happy as a clam. So here is how it works: 1. Buy the photopass+ online here 2. Wait for the package to arrive in the mail (a photopass voucher and a CD with stock images) 3. Register online as per the instructions on the voucher, tuck it […]

TRAVEL: The Best of California Adventure Park

Stepping into California Adventure Park was like walking into a scene from a movie. The last time I was at Disneyland, California Adventure was no such thing. Let that soak in a while (yes it’s been that long)! You can imagine when we got there just how exciting this was for everyone, adults included. A whole other park to play in and soak up, and if I may (don’t curse my name disney-obsessed people) this side of the magical world reigns supreme in shows. From the Frozen Sing-Along to Disney Junior’s Live on Stage, we were all in awe to the standards of their entertainment. California Adventure Park is mesmerizing! […]

TRAVEL: The Best of Disneyland!

The land of magic, the land of love, the land of happy tears, toddler first crushes and of course cotton candy! Disneyland was more than we ever imagined it would be. Not only seeing it ourselves again after a 20+ year hiatus, but seeing it through the eyes of miss Sofia Marie. In awe of everything around us, we took our first moments in the park to just look, soaking absolutely every bit of magic possible. We walked in the gates, and within moments Mickey Mouse walks right in front of us giving us a little wave. SERIOUSLY?! The dream had just been made in all our […]