FEATURE: Big Sister Bag

Whenever I think about Sofia first meeting her sister I get all sappy. These days especially, I can cry in a split-second when I think of the first times she sets eyes on her baby sister and all the emotions come flowing. It’s this very moment that had me think about just how important it is that it be documented, and not just from MY view.  I got the idea of a Big Sister Bag from another mama-blogger, Kelly from Gav + Ro, she put together the sweetest little backpack filled with fun items her son would be able to use (and snack on) at the hospital […]

DIY: Patio String Lights

This post has been meaning to go live for quite sometime now, however STUFF, like growing a baby in this little belly of mine has taken priority. So first and foremost sorry for the delay, I hope you haven’t been holding your breathe waiting on doing you own patio renovation for this very post. For if you have, my goodness am I ever sorry! In this picture heavy, and by heavy I mean ELEPHANT-SIZED picture heavy post I hope to give you a good understanding of how we went from a little dream to a big reality. We really spent very little money, most of what we gave was […]

DIY Golden Alphabet Play

I get it, it’s not difficult, nor crazy costly, and I’m not claiming to be re-designing the wheel here; I share this DIY simply for inspiration. I, like many others parents find the house can easily get riddled with toys and feel cluttered daily. Whatever your clean-up concept may be, a few times a day or one grand clean up at the end of the day, leaving a few less chaotic pieces out to spark play the next day is what I like to do. Why gold? Well it all started when I got this bottle of gold spray paint in my hands, you knew it was going to be trouble. Spraying all […]

CRAFT: Mason Jar Pets

Crafts that are as fun to shop for as they are to make are some of my favorites. Combine my love of shopping for my DIY obsession and you have the perfect equation for a day spent with my little one. Sofia and I have a flat of Mason Jars that have been calling our names for months, and last week we had about enough; it was time to get creative. Her and I popped out to our local dollar store and pet supply store and picked up all we needed to make a mason jar pet. We left the house wanting our newest member of the […]

DIY: Polar Express Holiday Prints + GIVEAWAY

So I had this idea in the midst of watching The Polar Express for the gazillionth time, I need some framed prints in my home for the holidays, ones that show the true Polar Express fans we are {because as if the dvd on repeat in the car and at home wasn’t proof enough}. While I sat through the movie this time, I listened very close to words and phrases those ‘magical’ moments you get in a good holiday movie that make you feel all warm and tingly inside. Their were two; two major moments that stuck with me, and this is where my creative juices took over. “the […]

DIY: Coffee Filter Flowers

Although spring is long gone, this doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers? In most places Fall usually means spending more time indoors anyways, so as it’s done for us, this little DIY will come in handy. Although I’d like to take all the credit for keeping your toddler out of your hair for good hour, I just can’t, our inspiration came from none other than our best blogger buddy Jen, who writes over at Mama. Papa. Bubba, she made these genius coffee filter flowers with her little one, Gracen. Hop on over to Jen’s site and get the step by step, in adorable images, on making […]

DIY: #Selfie Tee

We all do it; pose, snap, pose, snap, pose, snap, chose the best of three, filter it until we are no longer recognizable, post it to instagram, and tag it with the most hated, yet loved hashtag, #selfie. This DIY is not only simple and affordable, but the skies the limit as far as customization goes. Have it be your personal motto, your favorite phrase, even an adorable picture your little human made “just for you”. As long as you can print it, you can wear it. We chose a play on words with #selfie, because we haven’t irritated enough people already today, right? Hey! At least you can’t […]

DIY: Embellished Toque

When an embellished toque hits an upwards of $300+ online {can’t even make this stuff up}, you know it’s time to whip out your glue gun and gems; do people actually buy this stuff?! Although very much a favorite trend of mind, the embellished beanie, we know will come and go with the chilly weather, so no need to splurge on this for the season; especially when you can DIY it for a measly $6. Find a toque that suits your wardrobe, I went fairly neutral with an dark grey, trust me it was hard to not choose a leopard or a houndstooth. Found some very basic gems […]

DIY: Vintage Advent Calendar

:: WHAT YOU’LL NEED :: 25 Boxes {bought mine from etsy here} 25 Vintage Images {bought and downloaded mine from etsy here} Sissors Dots or Glue Sticker numbers 25 sweets, treats and toys :: HOW TO :: Really quite simple! Assemble your 25 boxes, cut out your images and apply your sticking agent. In my case I used dots I picked up from Michaels Crafts. Using 4 little guys on the corners of the images and stuck it to the front of each box. Then gather your number stickers and label the boxes 1 through 25. Note, when you’re buying number stickers you’re going to need a […]

DIY: Magnetic Paper Dolls

I remember paper dolls as a child. I would dress them over and over and over, finding the perfect look for the perfect imaginary scene I had painted in my head. She was getting married, she was going out with friends, she was taking her paper doll dog for a walk. Whatever the scene; I had the perfect paper look. After spotting a few printables online, I thought how fun it would be to make a set for Sofia. With the assumption that it it would be near impossible to find them locally, I took to online researching. I had a vision in my head on what […]