FAMILY: Crafts, an excuse for making forever friendships

As each month passes we get another adorable shot of our little people all together! What’s really fun about seeing these group shots is all these kids come from men who grew up together, some since kindergarten. Between us 5 wives, which we all met through our husbands, Ashley, Angela, Jenieve, Maria and myself, we’ve got 8 kids and 2 on the way. The ratio, as you can see is 2 girls to 6 boys but you would never know it if you were to be a fly on the wall during one of our monthly crafter’noons. They play together so well with no sides, this past week […]

DIY Easter Bunny Babies

Morning crafts happen not as often as Sofia would like, but let me tell you I do my best to make them happen as much as I can. As a blogger my evenings usually consist of me getting the end end of an inbox that seems like a cruel joke played by outlook, writing content for the site, and catching up on what has gone on during the day via social media. When this is done, it’s when I clock out and if it’s sometime before midnight I will normally hit up Pinterest and see what I can muster up planning for the next morning shinanigans. Something […]