DIY: Bedside Table Overhaul {with D-C-Fix}

We have an IKEA bedroom set because a) it’s affordable and we bought it when we first got married and b) our bedroom hasn’t made the priorities list as of yet. This is why tackling upgrades to our bedroom in the form of a bedside table overhaul was so needed. Call it an IKEA hack if you will, this little project took me all of 40 minutes from start to finish. I covered the table top with the marble self-adhesive film by D-C-Fix and swapped out the drawer handles with those that I found at Michaels Crafts. D-C-FIX Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest The bedside tables are […]

DIY: Rustic Placemats

Remember when I told you I wasn’t done with D-C-Fix products? Well I’m not, it’s versatility is to blame, whomever said it was only for your windows, floors and furniture was wrong. I take that only as a suggestion, as for me the skies the limits when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, pinterest is a mere springboard. Feeling inspired to make something with a cabin chic vibe for our home, I came up with these placemats. You must’of seen my sneak peek last week on Instagram? What a jerky move ‘eh? Well the wait is over, time to start eating cleaner, and I don’t mean a sugarless diet […]


So what started off as extra storage under the stairs has beautifully changed into a quaint place I will soon be calling home. Turning the space under the stairs into a den was a no-brainer to me, but it had some convincing of others. Yes the space is small, this I know, but it’s all I need really. A quiet place I can be with my thoughts to produce some honest, fun, and inspirational content from-the-heart for Little Miss Mama. This is where all the magic happens people, where I could easily spend 24 hours of my day but really only get about 3 to 4 all broken […]

DIY :: affordable art

Art isn’t cheap, end of story. As some of you know {here} we  purchased Sofia a “real” bed a few weekends ago; along with this came a bedroom haul and of course decor concepts running my thoughts 24/7. Sofia made it easy for me really, she chose an adorable duvet cover from ikea with dressed-up animals doing human-like activities; from fishing to picking apples to riding a train and even gardening. I really had the most adorable concept to work with. I knew we were eventually going to need something for her walls as they were bare, but it wasn’t until Sammy mentioned something that I knew it […]

DIY: Mirrored Vase

Rather simple to make,  yet leaves an impression on anyone that catches its shimmer as they pass by. One of my favorite DIY’s to date, this little mirrored vase leaves me feeling all fancy inside. Looks like it may have cost me a small fortune, yet in actuality it was a mere $6 and about 20 minutes of me time.  Light reflects so brilliantly off this wee little vase it’s just my absolute favorite piece going right now. Until I can get my hands on some more mirrored squares and fanci-fy something else with a flat surface. Until then, this little mirrored vase has my heart. MATERIALS […]