DIY Christmas Crackers

Hi, my name is Tairalyn, and I have a toilet paper roll ADDICTION.  I SWEAR this rings true for every parent? I mean, you can do so much with a toilet paper roll. Don’t believe me, hit up Pinterest and look for yourself, you start to type in T-O-I and it finishes your sentence for you, TOILET PAPER ROLL CRAFTS. No joke! Check for yourself! I give you my apologies now, I’m not helping either of our addiction much with this post, #sorrynotsorry. I can however use up some of your overflowing stash, so I guess that’s a big win right? Make room for more… more… toilet paper […]

DIY: Home Is Where The WIFI Is {free printable}

If it wasn’t so damn cold, it would make most sense to just leave our front door open over the holidays. With how many friends and family stopping by to how many time we’re rushing out the door to go to the next fun Christmas event, it would just make logical sense to leave the thing open.  With all these lovely people filling our home over the holidays it’s no better time than now to get this little project done and up once and for all. You see, I meant to do it last year when the second most asked questions, besides “do you have Egg Nog?” was “…can […]

CRAFT: Mason Jar Pets

Crafts that are as fun to shop for as they are to make are some of my favorites. Combine my love of shopping for my DIY obsession and you have the perfect equation for a day spent with my little one. Sofia and I have a flat of Mason Jars that have been calling our names for months, and last week we had about enough; it was time to get creative. Her and I popped out to our local dollar store and pet supply store and picked up all we needed to make a mason jar pet. We left the house wanting our newest member of the […]

DIY Valentines Countdown

I’m finding that this age, 2 years old, to be all about magic and love, fun and play, crafts, holidays, fairy princesses and the excitment of anticipation. This is why I believe our DIY Christmas Countdown was such a huge success, so why not a countdown for every holiday, gives me more reason to celebrate myself. Not that I need more of a reason, I’m a sucker for any and every holiday. I know a lot of negative things can be said about how commercialized they’ve come, but sometimes life is far too serious and mundane that we need a little fun like this to force us […]

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

A fun, affordable and easy craft I whipped together yesterday morning with Sofia. While out and about last week I saw 2 really durable reusable grocery bags. A big one for me and a mini one for Sofia, snagged then for $2 each and thought they would come in useful one day when we had nothing to do in the morning. Yesterday, was one of these day; our home renovations have officially taken over and we were stuck indoors so that I could help with making decisions. Out came the bags, some foam stickers, puffy paints and sponges. I let Sofia’s mind and excitement take over, and […]

DIY: I Spy Bottle

A child’s mind never stops learning. It’s wild when you think about all that they are learning in a day. They are like little walking sponges and this is why it’s so important to give them as much food for their mind as it can possibly handle; that, and of course watching your language {these little buggers will pick up on everything}. I saw this idea on Pinterest once, but it was far to early in my pregnancy to think I would actually need this DIY near. Fast forward almost 2 years later and I was racking my brain on what this DIY was called. What would […]

DIY: Magnetic Paper Dolls

I remember paper dolls as a child. I would dress them over and over and over, finding the perfect look for the perfect imaginary scene I had painted in my head. She was getting married, she was going out with friends, she was taking her paper doll dog for a walk. Whatever the scene; I had the perfect paper look. After spotting a few printables online, I thought how fun it would be to make a set for Sofia. With the assumption that it it would be near impossible to find them locally, I took to online researching. I had a vision in my head on what […]

DIY: Mirrored Vase

Rather simple to make,  yet leaves an impression on anyone that catches its shimmer as they pass by. One of my favorite DIY’s to date, this little mirrored vase leaves me feeling all fancy inside. Looks like it may have cost me a small fortune, yet in actuality it was a mere $6 and about 20 minutes of me time.  Light reflects so brilliantly off this wee little vase it’s just my absolute favorite piece going right now. Until I can get my hands on some more mirrored squares and fanci-fy something else with a flat surface. Until then, this little mirrored vase has my heart. MATERIALS […]