Rain Storms & Fall Fairs {VLOG}

Talk about total Vancouver weather! We went to Art Knapps Fall Fair last weekend and a storm rolled in just as we were about to leave. The drive home was a crazy one, and as you can see Sammy was terrified behind the wheel 😉    Check it out here>> https://youtu.be/E5JzNY6Rzoc   *** Are you following us on social media? You should be, come find us on: Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Instagram  //  YouTube  //  Pinterest

LIFE: Good ‘Ol Canadian Baseball Game

…take me out to the ball game! AND BUY ME POPCORN! Went to a Vancouver Canadians game last week, a first for Sofia, but most importantly we went as one big happy family (the brady bunch ‘aint got nothing on this crew). We got seats that were in the shade, irritated our neighbors with selfie stick group shots, and when things got slow we played with auntie Lindsay’s snapchat and made ourselves into Sia (as you do). The afternoon was perfect really, we cheered loud and boo’ed hard, ate hot dogs and double dipped our french fries. We left with dirt on our shorts (thanks to running the […]

FAMILY: Geocaching

This weekend we tried something new and totally foreign to us, geocaching. By no means did we expect to be good at it right away, I was actually doing my best to set us all up for not finding a thing our first time acting as modern-day pirates searching for treasure. We downloaded the geocaching.com app onto our phones as it was recommended to us by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me (a total pro geocache’er) and headed on our way out. We saw a few ones in close proximity to one another at Rocky Point in Port Moody, so off we set.  We got our first real […]

FAMILY: no choice but the park

Have you heard? Our house is under construction again! Yup, you got that right, under construction, dust is everywhere and our basement is riddled with the last bits of this 30 year old home. What does this mean for Sofia and I, it means it’s best we are our of harms way during the day, but we must be back by lunch to feed the crew. You see, the crew I speak of is a small two man crew. Two of the most important men in my life, my dad and my husband! They are busting their balls to make this dream happen for us. As much […]