Our Christmas Traditions; What Do We Do?

We’ve been asked a few times about our family traditions over the holidays like, “do you have any family traditions you’ve carried into your family that were from your childhood?” or even “does your family have any modern holiday traditions” and my favorite yet “what in the world are you doing! this is a family tradition?!“. Clearly you’re all very excited to learn about our family’s Christmas Traditions… so let’s get right into it.  I thought now, more than ever, was a good time. The last few days here in November, before the Christmas Music hits the radio waves, before people start updating their e-mail signatures to […]

FIVE THINGS {traditions for the first day of school}

The five back-to-school traditions I will be starting this year: 1. buying “oh, the places you’ll go” by dr. seuss, having all her teachers, pre-school to grade 12, write a message come year end and come graduation, what a sweet gift {buy book here} 2. we’ve all seen it, the first day of school photo signs; for ours, we took it one step further. had them customized and stepped up to not just the first-day, but also the last-day and an about me page that’ll bring back loads of adorable memories when we’re ready to go there {get your custom back-to-school trio here} 3. back-to-school breakfast and summers’ last supper; no doubt […]