I’m The Worst Neighbor

KEEPING UP WITHE THE JONESES CAN BE A TOUGH ROAD Being a good neighbor doesn’t have to be difficult, but quite frankly you can make it that way. Trying to top your neighbors at every opportunity you get, and apparently… this is exactly what I’ve done to myself.! We live in an amazing neighborhood. We have neighbors who we often carry long drawn out conversations at fence level with about the weather and how home renovations can suck you dry. We truly feel as though we have struck it rich living in the home and area that we do, but with the good comes evil right? The feeling of […]

FAMILY: I’m A Good Person, I Swear!

  I’m a rule follower, in most cases. My parents, I respect them, their rules and the reasoning behind them enough to know it was best for me. My school teachers, I aimed to please without going overboard, did what I was asked to the best of my ability, listened in class and respected and appreciated their time and knowledge. My bosses, they said what was expected of me and I would always make sure it was done and a bit more. The cashier at a local u-pick field, not so much. Hear me out, I respect him, his job and his super helpful pick tips, but following […]

LIFE: Hey! 2016, You’re good people!

I’m really loving how 2016 has presented itself. Very mellow, non-threatening, easy in a good vibes only sorta’ way. I made no wild resolutions, nothing that will have a choke hold on my daily running thoughts, I’ve expected nothing from the likes of the changing year, just simply to enjoy each day. January 1st: Spent the first morning drawing a bath for myself, soaking away with some fancy pants bath salts that Sammy spoiled me with in my stocking over the Christmas Holidays. Good right? Wait it gets better; Sofia was more than content playing trains and simultaneously watching Netflix while Sammy vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms. Is this even real life?! […]

FAMILY: wasting time waiting for the perfect moment

The memories we made are what’s important, that flawless vintage tea cup that sits prestigiously in it’s glass house holds absolutely no meaning to me. When it comes to sipping tea, my first choice is always from a vintage tea cup that my nanna gave me. When she gave me these porcelain treasures her intentions were to add quantity to my collection, but of course not to be used until the an royal occasion presented itself. The funny thing is, she never set rules to these occasions, but I did know they were there and I did know I was to abide by them. So you can imagine the confusion that set in when she […]