FAMILY: first day of school

The first day of school has come, and gone. Sofia is snug in her bed, the house is pin-drop silent, and I have a big-ol cup of tea as I sit and cry the evening away click through images, remembering our amazing day. How does this happen? Like I know HOW it happens smart-ass, but I wan’t to know HOW THE HECK this happens in what feels like a nano second. Trying to hold on to today’s’ amazing moments, from our morning cartoon session with daddy, to our back-to-school breakfast {at her request, huge-mongus strawberry croissants, frozen raspberries, and apple sauce}, to making the teachers a special sticker riddled, […]

FIVE THINGS {traditions for the first day of school}

The five back-to-school traditions I will be starting this year: 1. buying “oh, the places you’ll go” by dr. seuss, having all her teachers, pre-school to grade 12, write a message come year end and come graduation, what a sweet gift {buy book here} 2. we’ve all seen it, the first day of school photo signs; for ours, we took it one step further. had them customized and stepped up to not just the first-day, but also the last-day and an about me page that’ll bring back loads of adorable memories when we’re ready to go there {get your custom back-to-school trio here} 3. back-to-school breakfast and summers’ last supper; no doubt […]