FIVE THINGS: Garden Row Call

The five garden markers that are as simple and eating the vegetables that you’re growing: 1. Scrabble Tile Markers; I said easy, I didn’t say cheap. You may have to buy a few games of scrabble to get all the tiles you need, but quite possibly worth it. (from Sow and Dipity) 2. Wine Cork Markers; Because I’m sure you have a few of those kicking around the house, and if not you need to be drinking more. For the love of gardening, drink up. (from the happier homemaker) 3. Wooden Spoon Markers; This just looks simply adorable to me. I can see painting them in the colors of the fruits and […]

FIVE THINGS: I’m loving right now!

The five things that I’m loving RIGHT NOW: 1. Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, I swear my tea game has never been so on point {anytime now Lindsay, back me up!}. All you black tea-sippers out there, this will blow your mind, and change your tea world as you know it. Thank you Silk, for being so damn good to me. 2. These little adorable velvet cases that Clarin’s make-up comes in. For real, I feel so fancy opening up my make-up bag discovering these babies. Loving Clarins for going the extra mile. 3. Nadia Aboulhosn for boohoo, that is all. Loving boohoo for this PS blogger collaboration. #illtakeoneofeverything 4. This list by VancityBuzz […]

FIVE THINGS: Unique ways to decorate easter eggs

The five unique ways you never thought to decorate your Easter eggs: 1. Family Egg Heads; saw these and knew they had to inspire my next post. You can thank the genius lady behind a subtle rivalry for today’s post. She took her and her families adorable mugs and put them on an egg, genius right? Check out the tutorial here. 2. Doodle Eggs; some people just rock at doodling, my mama is one of them. While she was on the phone with friends is when she did her best work. Some of you just have it in your veins, so why stop at scrap paper, take your compulsive doodling to the […]

FIVE THINGS: You don’t know about me

Although my life seems as thought it’s played out online and one could easily learn all about me by scrolling through my years of posts, I bet their are still a few things you still won’t learn. Don’t get too excited these are not deep dark secrets I’m sharing, but rather things in my life that happened pre-blogging and have not really had a chance to dig in and share with you. UNTIL TODAY… The five things about me you don’t know: 1. i started off in the blogging world back in 2009, where i sipped and shared. i shared my tea notes from sipping tea from all around the world. readers came […]

FIVE THINGS {you need to see this week}

The five things you need to see this week: 1. an amazing article written on the truth behind parenting struggles; we all go through it, and i for one needed it at a time like now. where we enter into the school system and it’s only a matter of time i start second guessing myself  {see article here} 2. this song is a current favorite, and now so is this video {see video here} 3. i don’t care if you are a crazy dog lover or not, this is an instagram account you could easily get addicted to {see it here} 4. jimmy fallon is at it again with another one of his lip sync battles, but […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five things you may not know about me: 1. before little miss mama, i wrote a blog all about tea. i reviewed tea from around the world and posted my tea notes, similar to that written in a diary of a tea obsessed school girl. it was an outlet to share my passion for sipping, then sofia was born and i’m lucky if i get a cup throughout the day. she is however worth every missed sip. 2. my nana has tried to teach me to knit 3 times now; with the last time being over the winter holidays. pretty sure she thinks i’m a lost cause, but of […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five stuck on you products that have me obsessing over customizing everything: 1. this childrens place mat that puts all the rest to shame. it’s rubbery texture keep it from slipping and sliding, it’s extra-large size means messes of all sizes are kept on the mat, and its customization options make me less of a nagging mother and more of a genius *simply point at the mat*. {link to buy} 2. this adorable crossbody means everything to her; and me, seeings as my purse is now 2 lbs lighter. taking independence to the next level now that she carries her own juice, snacks, sunglasses, crayons and stuffy. {link to buy} 3. this face. […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five videos that have consumed my mind this week: 1. this hilarious and adorable video via kandee johnson; what happens when men do your make-up. i seriously love this girl. so inspirational, so kind heart’ed, so real; i love everything about this mama makeup artist. 2. if you’ve yet to watch one of these videos, conversations with my 2 yr old, you just must. absolutely hilarious and as a parent you can totally relate. 3. this epic mother son dance; this duo has some impressive moves. 4. for a family who watches frozen on the daily, this sure is a nice break from the original lyrics. caught myself singing it today while i grabbed myself […]

Five Things {Weekly Link-Up}

The five things that have consumed my mind this week: 1. now you can have dress like princess anna; and I don’t mean an a-line skirt with cape. see my take on a casual chic princess anna. 2. this song consumes me, it takes over my mind and emotions when it’s played. and by the way, go find another love song, sammy and i have claimed this as ours. #onlyhalfkidding #wedontmindsharing 3. a video like this makes me giggle; giggle and be reminded that I am not alone in this wild ride called motherhood. yet just like elle, i wouldn’t change a thing. a must watch for mamas with friends who are not […]


The five things that have consumed my mind this week: 1. totally smitten with these loafers i’ve spotted online and just can’t seem to get my mind off them. what do you think buy them or take my chances at diy’ing them? 2. taking advantage of the crazy sale at ikea and snagging a new couch and arm chair at 50%. if you follow me on pinterest you’ll know my minor obsession with ikea-hacks; i have plans for this new couch of ours, big big plans! stay tuned. 3. if you havn’t seen it yet, you really must. emma stone skools mr. jimmy fallon in his tonight shows lip syncing battles. seriously she’s […]