Husbands Doing Laundry {+free printable}

There is nothing hotter than a man who cleans; am I right ladies? When it comes to husbands, I know I won the lotto and I don’t even have to split the winnings (hello! sister wives). 10 years together and it’s safe to say that we’ve finally found our groove as a couple, and YES that means my husband cleans and does the laundry.  I cook all meals, make all lunches, keep the house tidy and the kids alive and on weekends he does a deep clean and any dirty laundry that still needs doing. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us. Don’t get me wrong […]

DIY: Home Is Where The WIFI Is {free printable}

If it wasn’t so damn cold, it would make most sense to just leave our front door open over the holidays. With how many friends and family stopping by to how many time we’re rushing out the door to go to the next fun Christmas event, it would just make logical sense to leave the thing open.  With all these lovely people filling our home over the holidays it’s no better time than now to get this little project done and up once and for all. You see, I meant to do it last year when the second most asked questions, besides “do you have Egg Nog?” was “…can […]