So… remember when I said that Gestational Diabetes was a good thing? I made a list of the things I found that could be looked at as the silver lining to being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? And remember when I said one of those things could be a new pair of running shoes? Yeeeeeah I wasn’t blowing smoke people, this kid right here, she got a new pair of sneaks… guess what?! She also wants to be like Oprah and GIVE YOU A PAIR TOO! Good right? You see what I did there? Who wants a new pair of sneakers in perfect time for the active Summer months ahead? You know what […]

FAMILY: Christmas Traditions & Giveaway

A forever tradition in our family has been to go out and cut down a fresh Christmas Tree for our home during the holidays. Each and every year we trek out to a tree farm, bundled up and ready to be officially put in the Christmas spirit. We tell stories, we laugh, we always complain about who is cutting down the tree, on how long he’s taking, asking if he needs help with the saw, and of course commenting on how uneven his cut on the stump is. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we make the men in our family feel less burly. Don’t miss our […]