FASHION: Black Friday Shopping Haul

As promised, I wanted to share with you all the amazing deals I got this past Friday at Guildford Town Centre. Here is why I find it so great, HELLO! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DEALS. I mean I used to joke around about how genius it would be if a family could pretend Christmas was the day after boxing day, hitting the stores on the wild but oh-so-worth-it day of crazy shopping deals and get everyone’s gifts all in one day.  Did someone say $100 gift card giveaway? I would keep scrolling if I were you! This right here is why I love Black Friday so much, and my love for Guildford […]

FEATURE: GTC Shoppers Rewards

You know what I love even more than newly-renovated shopping centers and even more than the surge of new stores they end up dangling in front of our fashionable noses, is the generous marketing team that usually tackles the promotion of their new pad. If you’ve not made you way out to Guildford Town Centre yet, I’m telling you, you’re missing out. For all my local readers, here’s the deal, ┬áif you frolic the halls at Guildford Town Centre and breath in the freshest mall air that’ll ever grace your nostrils {thanks to their living wall} you MUST know about GTC Shopper Rewards. Guildford Town Centre Blog […]

LOCAL: Guildford Town Centre Grand Opening

This shopping centre’s re-design is near and dear to me. Not because it’s where I spend a great deal of my hard earned money, but it’s where I found my first retail job, at Suzy Shier. Guildford Town Centre as most of you are well aware has gone through a grand make-over to say the least. From adding an additional 70 stores and close to expanding 214, 000 square feet. That’s some serious addition I might add. Adding some of my favorite stores to their mall directory like H&M, Forever 21, Sephora… guess the new tolled bridge it going to be used more than usual. You can’t […]