She’s not afraid of anything {VLOG}

CONSIDERING HOW TERRIFIED I AM ALWAYS I don’t get how Stella is afraid of nothing!  As I mentioned before, I’m not too much a fan of Halloween, but I go all out anyways. No different than any other year, we do all things spooky and make it THE BEST NIGHT EVER as per Sofia. Stella had her first real taste (pun-intended) of the Holiday and I think she thoroughly enjoyed it. She walked into homes, helped herself to candy and anything else that looked interesting. These kids… they sure do make me laugh!  As we do every Friday, we’re sharing our vlog on YouTube… CHECK IT OUT! CLICK HERE […]

Halloween; the holiday that gets in the way

Now before you go and add our house to your hit list, HEAR ME OUT! (save those eggs for your neighbors, you know it’s his dog that take a dump on your lawn) Let me clarify, I don’t NOT celebrate Halloween, I mean if you really break it all down, I probably over celebrate; We give out fists full of candy to each trick-or-treat’er We buy the good stuff, NO RAISINS HERE! We carve pumpkins, HECK! we even grow some of our own I spend countless hours hunting down the kids requested costumes Sofia takes Halloween treats to class and hands out Halloween tattoos  I plan a […]