…so this is six

You look like your dad, I’m told this weekly when I grocery shop and the lovely cash attendant feels the need to remind me, but MY GOODNESS are you ever me! I’m catching myself more and more these days analyzing your ways, listening to your every word (especially when I have no part of the conversation) and watching your every move and let me tell you…. KID, you’re me! OH SOFIA, how you’ve taught me so much. From unconditional love (first baby, first true love) to never taking myself seriously, to stalling before bed (you’re by far a champion of this, should they ever call it a […]

…and then you were one

It’s 10:07pm, the night before your FIRST BIRTHDAY and here we are, your dad and I building your gift for the big surprise tomorrow. The screws on the wheels of your walker need to be tightened to “slow your roll” and while I reach for a butter knife, dad lets out his famous HUFF and makes the long walk downstairs to the tool kit to get the screw driver. We contemplated holding off on giving it to you first thing as dad won’t be home until dinner, but I just can’t let go of the tradition that my babies wake up to some birthday love, waiting for them […]


    {WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} well almost wordless; a cake like this and a face like that can’t go without some explaining. It’s no surprise Lindsay and I like to spoil one another, it’s not very often you find a best-friend that is as close to a twin sister as you’ll get; she literally completes me. This past week I had my birthday and though it was fairly low-key (Sofia caught a bug), we stayed in making the most of our Netflix subscription and had special visits from my mama and nana over the course of 3-days. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I actually got a moment […]