Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that give back: 1. SOLO EYEWEAR: give the gift of sunglasses while giving a gift of sight to someone in need; each pair of solos purchased, funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. sorta’ like what toms does for feet in need, solo eyewear does for eyes in need. {visit solo eyewear} 2. 1:FACE WATCH: give the gift of time while giving a gift of hope to others in need; pick from nine causes you want to show support {cancer, hunger, aids, water, animals, education, environment, or red cross} and money from the […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie

1. you never know when the queen is going to pop by; at least you’ll have popcorn // Price: $5 // Purchase here 2. waiting for popsicles to freeze is so last year // Price: $50 // Purchase here 3. giving the gift of time, stressfree meals, and a savings on their shopping bills // Price: $8 a month // Purchase here 4. a baker will never have to hold their breath again on their guests first bite // Price: $22 // Purchase here 5. who ever liked the cones anyways; they were really just the vessel to our mouths // Price: $22 // Purchase here 6. seriously, need I explain. these […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Babes

1. why not encourage reading books in this gorgeous canopy; heck I’d run there to read  // Price: $149 // Purchase here 2. because an interactive book is an enjoyed book; for everyone // Price: $27 // Purchase here 3. because everybody deserves a moccasin; young and old // Price: $40 // Purchase here {genuine leather, stylish and functional, snug elastic at the opening make it easy to take on and off} 4. responsibility is big and by doing it this way they can have a pet and be farmers // Price: $60 // Purchase here 5. I don’t doubt the babes would love one of their drawings as a bed […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista

1. handmade 14kt gold-filled hoop earrings w/ faceted Green Onyx briolette drops  // Price: $64 // Purchase here {Tania Earrings; worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar on The Crazy Ones} 2. a custom print for a wall that maybe less fashionable than them // Price: $20 // Purchase here 3. give a watch, save a life; fashion has never felt so good // Price: $40 // Purchase here 4. a jean that can be literally be worked out in. the gift of chic comfort // Price: $140 // Purchase here {Runway ready style, these classic rise skinny ponte reverse jeans are made to fit and flatter all body types} 5. a necessity that we […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

1. a very casual yet chic way to display art, images or notes. I just love these // Price: $13 // Purchase here 2. a custom ottoman. nothing quite says comfort as curling up with a piece you love // Price: $215 // Purchase here 3. i’d find things to store just to have these in my house // Price: $150 // Purchase here 4.  a couch without pillows is one uninviting couch. I would know this. // Price: $29 // Purchase here 5. it is a daily necessity in our lives, so give a gift of chic phone conversations. // Price: $67 // Purchase here 6. […]