DIY: Home Window Privacy

Everyone in my family enjoys to be the center of attention, I’m not denying that for even a moment, but when it comes to using the bathroom it’s something we prefer to do on the down low. This is why we’ve gone and tackled the project on our to-do list that keeps our family from literally bearing it all; our basement bathroom window needs some privacy. You see, in designing our new basement we had made some adjustments to where rooms sat because it worked better with our families needs (see the renovation process here, here, here and here). We built a bigger bathroom, put in a […]

Home Renovation Update + Wall Slicks Review

I feel like you’re all waiting on a basement renovation update? Right?! I mean it has almost been 3 weeks; you must be hanging near the edge in excitement and pretty much bitten off all your pretty little nails by now. Sorry to keep you hangin’ like that folks. So our basement renovations has somewhat come to a halt since I last updated you, for a few reasons. ONE our labor is tired; my husband and dad literally work around the clock in getting this place as gorgeous as it is. They both work full-time and then come home and put more hours in with payment as […]

Home Renovations UPDATE

Renovations are going and so has our sanity! We are getting down to the nitty gritty and it feels like the end is near, but when we look at the task list it’s still quite far. We have however made some big decisions on flooring, lighting and furniture so it feels as though we’ve actually made some great progress over the last few weeks. We chose our flooring which we bought from Home Depot, a gorgeous vinyl tile that snaps together like laminate or hardwood flooring would. We chose this vs. real tile or even lanolin, mainly for cost. It was a more expensive option as far […]

UPDATE: Basement Renovations

The big artillery has arrived, the noise levels have tripled and the dust accumulates. Apparently the rough part is over. For the past 14 days our house has been under complete renovation mode. Our entire basement seems as though it’s been removed and new layouts are being designed. As much as I loved the wood paneling walls the 80’s called and thy wanted them back and I wasn’t willing to put up much of a fight.  Our basement is going from a broken up bunch of rooms that held our over-flow, where we did our laundry and where the cat does his business is now going to […]

FAMILY: no choice but the park

Have you heard? Our house is under construction again! Yup, you got that right, under construction, dust is everywhere and our basement is riddled with the last bits of this 30 year old home. What does this mean for Sofia and I, it means it’s best we are our of harms way during the day, but we must be back by lunch to feed the crew. You see, the crew I speak of is a small two man crew. Two of the most important men in my life, my dad and my husband! They are busting their balls to make this dream happen for us. As much […]