{mini} FASHION: Patterns & Layers

{Joe Fresh Shirt //  Joe Fresh Pants  //  H&M Vest  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Miss Giggle Buns Headband} Can I get this in adult size please?  Layers are really what it’s all about when it comes to this unpredictable weather we have here in Vancouver. We wake and it’s grim and foggy and dress accordingly, by noon the sun is shining, we pass people wear sunnies and we’re both sweltering in our so called weather appropriate ensembles. That’s the beauty of layers, they mask the foolishness of believing a morning face to be true to it’s word; you can remove a layer or two and fit in with the crowd quite […]

{mini} FASHION: Cats & Paperboy Hats

{Joe Fresh Sweater //  Joe Fresh Pants  //  Joe Fresh Jacket  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Joe Fresh Hat} First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! My little turns 4 today and let me tell you it hit me like a ton of bricks. Hello emotional roller coaster! Today’s tears will be buried with cake and chocolate, anyone else care to join in? Who else feels this dose of bitter-sweet emotions on their babies birthdays? OKAY! Now back to the fashion and how adorable this kid is? We sorta’ love Joe Fresh, can you tell? The clothing is so on point, trend wise, and it’s crazy affordable. Oh […]

{mini} FASHION: Smile Days

{Joe Fresh Shirt // Joe Fresh Pants // Jacket c/o Memoiyo // Shoes c/o Over the Loom} This smile, it’s what I live for. Straight up real-life, honest smiles, there is really nothing better. Sofia is such a silly kid at heart, she loves to laugh and better yet make others laugh, especially when they’re showing anything but a smile on their face. I look to this as someone who is extremely loving, caring and of course showing concern of others emotions around her. That to me shows I’ve done something right. Am I right mamas? You know what I love about this age, real opinions. Before I could just throw […]

FASHION: Joe Fresh Spring ’14 Collection

Oh Joe Fresh, you tease you! You know just what to do to get us all excited for Spring! But seriously guys, the Spring 2014 Collection from Joe Fresh has shown it’s face and boy is it lovely. Although I’m crushing on most all the pieces, I’ll share with you my 8 must-have pieces that I will inevitably be dreaming about tonight. The eyelet loafers, oh how they would pair perfectly with a boyfriend jean, the beige trench that screams artistic perfection, and the illusion-striped dress that I just know will give me a Kardashian waist-line while still allowing my to over-indulge. JOE FRESH Website // Facebook […]

FASHION: Joe Fresh Launches Online Shopping

Did you hear? Did you see? Joe Fresh launched online shopping. Now everyone, all over the world can get their figures into some Joe Fresh threads. More importantly did you see their Bonjour Black collection? I will take one of everything please, no seriously! Can I have one of everything? Shop Now Woman, Men, Girls, Boys, and Baby I wear Joe Fresh more often than not, see here, here and here. I don’t lie. I am a true fan of the Canadian designer including the grocery store it sits in. I am all about “killing two birds with one stone”. Why do you think I love grocery […]