DIY: Bee Feeder {#bringbackthebees}

The bees gotta drink too yah know!   With so much talk around saving our bees I thought I would touch a little bit onto why it’s so important we ALL pay attention to this news flash. It’s nothing like Kylie Jenners lipstick having a faulty brush kinda’ news, it’s like Donald Trump is the new President of the United States kinda’ news, shocking, scary and sad. Listen up you guys, these little bees do a lot for us, more than just give us honey and make Honey Nut Cheerios extra delicious; here is why it’s so important that we help them out in anyway we can!  DID […]

DIY Golden Alphabet Play

I get it, it’s not difficult, nor crazy costly, and I’m not claiming to be re-designing the wheel here; I share this DIY simply for inspiration. I, like many others parents find the house can easily get riddled with toys and feel cluttered daily. Whatever your clean-up concept may be, a few times a day or one grand clean up at the end of the day, leaving a few less chaotic pieces out to spark play the next day is what I like to do. Why gold? Well it all started when I got this bottle of gold spray paint in my hands, you knew it was going to be trouble. Spraying all […]