Our Christmas {wordless wednesday}

{WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} almost; Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go back and reminisce about the disgusting amount of cookies I consumed and Sofia’s faces as she opened her mortgage payment… I mean Hatchimal. YOU GUYS! what a fun Christmas we had. As tradition has it, our family spent the night at my parents where we appetizer-ed out for dinner, opened our Christmas Eve box filled with new jammies, Finding Dori Monopoly and treats galore. We put cookies (the ones I didn’t like), milk and carrots under the Christmas Tree for Santa and wrote him a threatening sweet little letter and slept with our stockings at the foot of our beds. It was […]

PREGNANCY: Day in the Life of Gestational Diabetes

…I am beyond determined to manage my Gestational Diabetes with diet and exercise just as I did with my first pregnancy. I will do all I can to ensure insulin intervention is not needed, this is my word! This is how I entered into my appointments with my Gestational Diabetes Team after being diagnosed last month. As hard as it was to swallow the fact that I was again going to be struggling with this diagnosis, I was determined to ensure baby and me were going to be just fine. I did it before, I can do it again right? Well sorta’, if only pregnancy were the same, if […]

{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

Each year we put up the Christmas lights as a family. Normally speaking Sofia and I don’t last the entire while, but we give it our best until our desire for warm hands and hot chocolate filled bellies take over. I’m excited to say we lasted the entire while alongside Sammy, to his shock I think we were an actual help versus hindrance like in the past; wouldn’t you say Sammy (I know you’re reading this). The entire time we’re putting the lights up Sofia is asking when it’s time she can climb the ladder. It’s one of those things as a kid that just feels exhilarating, […]

FIVE THINGS: I’m loving right now!

The five things that I’m loving RIGHT NOW: 1. Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, I swear my tea game has never been so on point {anytime now Lindsay, back me up!}. All you black tea-sippers out there, this will blow your mind, and change your tea world as you know it. Thank you Silk, for being so damn good to me. 2. These little adorable velvet cases that Clarin’s make-up comes in. For real, I feel so fancy opening up my make-up bag discovering these babies. Loving Clarins for going the extra mile. 3. Nadia Aboulhosn for boohoo, that is all. Loving boohoo for this PS blogger collaboration. #illtakeoneofeverything 4. This list by VancityBuzz […]

Fashion: What I Wore Throwback + Giving Thanks

Did you know I’ve been posing in front of the camera now going on 4 years?  Fashion has always been a love of mine and after being inspired time and time again by some of my favorite fashion blogger, like the Fashionista Next Door, …Love Maegan, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Jen Loves Kev and of course Girl with Curves, I jumped on board in 2010 to began my blogging journey. What started out as simply sharing my passions for Fashion {and Tea}, has now grown into sharing a glimpse into my life as a fashion-driven mother. I used to write a blog called Lah Tea Dah, which shared […]

VLOG: a day in the life of me

I said on more than one occasion that I would love to bring you into my world, for one day, and this my friends is how I’m going to do it. A little vlog for some mid-week humor. A day in the life of me… and Sofia Marie! If you want more, let me know, if the consensus is “you’d love to see more” I will make this a regular series. So comment below and let us know. ENJOY!

WHAT I WORE: Shades of Blue

TOP old navy SKIRT joe fresh TIGHTS target BELT joe fresh NECKLACE baublebar // ON SALE  FOR $24 BRACELET joe fresh RING gifted by a gracious friend SHOES pinky stella via beyond the rack PURSE fendi // vintage LIPSTICK matte rose via joe fresh Just the other day I put it out there, I asked “COLORED TIGHTS… are you IN or are you OUT?”. The verdict was quite close actually, 58% said LOVE IT while a close 42% said HECK NO! You see this is a trend that either works for you, or it doesn’t. Can go horribly wrong, without you even knowing it; case in point. This outfit I […]

FAMILY: Sofia’s Firsts

I know I’m not the only one who documented their child’s ‘firsts’. First smile, first giggle, first tooth, first tantrum. Yes lovelies I was THAT mother, who ran for her camera the moment it happened. MUST. GET. THIS. ON. FILM. I document Sofia’s entire first year of life, every week until she hit 1 month and then every month until she turned 1 year old, including any important or adorable milestones along the way. Some may call me crazy, but I call it love. Love and excitement, and just simply a desire to capture moments I never want to loose the memory of. Moments I will never […]

FAMILY: A Furry Addition

Let’s declare this a minimal words Wednesday. Will that work for yous? These pictures are far too cute to leave “wordless”. This little man has worked his way into our hearts, and our beds {finding out her cries when left alone}. As most of you heard the news {here and here}, we added a new member to our family. As he is nameless at the moment, many of you have made some honestly brilliant suggestions. Hugo, Cash, Francois,  Georgio, Toulouse, George, Kramer, Patron, Romeo, Simon, Sushi, Coco, Sinatra, Steve {as in Steve McQueen}, Sloan, Mitten, Max, Pickles, Niko, Eli, Socks, Blu, Phillip {as in Phillip Lim}, Oliver, Boots, […]

…and we’re live!

So if you’ve stumbled across this post you will likely see that we are sitting pretty in our new home. You betcha! We got a make-over on the inside and out. The very best kind. Little Miss Mama has switched over to WordPress and gone self-hosted, which I can easily explain. It now costs me to blog, plain and simple. Great idea ‘eh! Only half kidding. I do pay monthly, however for many fabulous reasons, which we don’t need to get into. This girl has gone pro, and I couldn’t be more excited to share our new look with you all. Don’t you dare worry your little […]