Weight Loss Update :: Day 29

My mama always said “the proof is in the puddin“. And by proof she must’have meant the pictures, before and after pictures. Right mama!? Holy Hannah! Three cheers for me and my lack of baby-tummy! Where the heck did that go? Down nearly 18 lbs in 29 days feels mightly nice, looks nice too ‘eh? …a year from now, you’ll have wished you started today. Okay enough tootin’ my horn, let’s get the balls rolling on what you’all came here for. The deets, the recipes, the DL on all the amazing dishes we’ve been teasing you with via instagram all damn week! As promised I’m sharing two […]


Saying that I am proud of where I stand, it would be an understatement. To say I am excited, that would be a false statement. Their really is no words to describe how I’m feeling these days; and these pictures are proof. Let me first fill you in on a little back-story about why this weight loss journey means so much to me, besides the obvious. …I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it I’ve lost weight before, believe it or not my lightest would be back in October 2007 when the scale read 160.6 lbs. This […]

Weight Loss UPDATE :: Day 8

What a week! A simple cleanse, one that I actually looked forward to sipping and no carbs and I drop not only 4.5″ but 5.3lbs?! You’d better believe I was as shocked as I was proud. And would you believe, their wasn’t one day I craved carbs, if i craved anything at all it was convenience. The convenience that I felt when I could just open a cupboard and snatch a cracker in between meals or snuggle up to a bag of Doritos while I caught up on Big Brother Canada. BUT I didn’t, I didn’t cheat not even once. I’m in it to win it; I […]