BEAUTY: MUST-HAVE Eyeshadows for Winter

  I confess. I never wear eyeshadow. It scares me to say the least. Foundation, I can do, blush and mascara I’m great at, I’ve even learnt to perfect lipstick, but eyeshadow frightens me to no end. I will learn, for 2015, this will be a beauty goal of mine. Learn and perfect eyeshadow. For those of you who love playing with the shadow palette here is the must have eyeshadows for the winter: My favourite eye shadow colours for winter can be found in the new makeup line by celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury. I simply love her Luxury Palette in “The Dulce Vita“. The colours […]

BEAUTY: Mascara with big impact

We’re back! November was a crazy month for me and although the ladies from the BEAUTY BUST! Team were more than ready, I wasn’t. So now that we’re back, naturally it makes sense to come with a BANG! I asked and once again these ladies delivered; I wanted to know the best mascaras that make the biggest impact. I’m talkin’ falsies without all the fuss, and by fuss I mean glue {damn it! if it takes me 45 minutes to put on lashes; ain’t nobody got time for that!}. So without further ado, here are the best mascara’s for the biggest impact: I’m not too attached to any […]

BEAUTY: Foundation Perfection {Part 4}

You may have all the tips you need to find the BEST foundation {thanks to our Beauty Bust! teams previous features}, but if you don’t know how to find a shade that works best for you, then the tips are wasted ones. Am I right?  Today, to conclude our flawless foundation 4 part series, the pros’ behind Beauty Bust! Jayna, Jen, L’nielle, and Jade share with us how to find the absolute perfect shade of foundation for your skin. So without further ado, here are your pro-tips in finding your perfect shade of foundation. When testing different shades, be sure to let them sit on your skin […]

BEAUTY: Flawless Foundation (PART ONE)

  Pretty certain there’s no better place to start the BEAUTY BUST! series, than with our foundation. It’s where we all start when it comes to our morning makeup routines, am I right? And to those out there that skip the foundation step, I bow down to you! I asked the BEAUTY BUST! girls all about foundation in the first of our four part series, hoping to get it off to a solid start; today I’m sharing with you their tips, tricks, and suggestion for applying flawless foundation at home. Have you ever wondered if spending the money on a good sponge or brush was worth it, or […]