Parenthood is… bringing home snow from vacation

Now where do you stop? As a parent who has let their child take home snow from a Christmas Vacation, now what? I mean you’re not going to say no to that half coconut shell she drank from on your Hawaiian vacation, or that rock she found at the Grand Canyon. How about the magical water she collected from Lake Louise? EXACTLY! Look what you’ve done now! We saved it all weekend in our freezer at the hotel, and then when it came time to pack up, we put it in a ziploc bag and brought it home. It was one of those days, we were not […]

FAMILY: The importance of music

I grew up loving music. It wasn’t something that was talked about lots, and it was never a topic of our Sunday family dinners. But music was always playing. We all felt very passionately about who we chose to spend our time listening to. I remember so vividly, my dad’s Roy Orbison greatest hits CD compilation. My dad, he sings from his heart, you could tell he really feels the music, the words, he sings like nobodies watching.  I loved Roy Orbison, because my dad did. It’s funny how Sofia gravitates to music so much like I did. I know every child does; it’s fun to sing, […]