Mama Guilt; The Struggle Is Real

Well that didn’t take long, our second baby isn’t even born yet (not even half way through the pregnancy) and the guilt of favoritism on our first born has already sunk in.  My first pregnancy I threw myself into the world of motherhood with zero hesitation. My days were filled with reading inspirational stories about motherhood on Baby Center, educating myself on baby sign language, testing my skills on diciphering baby cries because DAMN-IT I was going to be a natural. I wasn’t naive, I knew big changes were coming and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I would be prepared. Visions of a Carol Brady patience level, […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 17 (163 days to go)

The first of many updates, why not start at lucky 17, right? Nah it just felt right this week! I’m happy to announce I’m enjoying this pregnancy FAR MORE than I ever did with Sofia, thanks to two little white pills (I know you know what I’m talkin’ about mamas’). I’m tired, like feels like I haven’t slept since Christmas tired, but I will take that any day over being sick, nothing worst than having the pukey feeling 24 hours a day.  This little belly of mine grew quickly as you can see, second time around it’s like it knew what was going on and just took to taking […]

FAMILY: Outdoor Picasso

We needed the sun and we also needed the excuse to get out of out pajamas.  The inspiration came from Jen over at Mama.Papa.Bubba. as many of our genius ideas do; on a nice day take the easel outdoors and enjoy the weather while getting creative. BEST IDEA OF THE YEAR, and I mean that, we’ve been sick going on 6 weeks people, no good ideas coming from this tired brain of mine. We bundled up, packed our pockets full of Kleenex and headed out back. The sun blazed down on our faces while we painted in peace, the birds around us chirped as if they were cheering […]

Motherhood; finally realizing I was doing it right

This little shriveled-up baby head of broccoli proves I’m doing motherhood right! No my daughter isn’t eating steamed broccoli at dinner, nor has she any plans until she’s 24-teen apparently, she’s not agreeing to me putting it in her morning smoothie, and she’s not even going to give it a try while it sits in a bath of cheese broth. Nope, she’s doing none of the above. What she is doing is caring for it as if it were homeless.  Saturday ended with us doing a family grocery shop to get us by the rest of the weekend and while we did gather what we needed from the […]

Thanks for the invite, but no.

Thanks for the girls night invite, as fun as it sounds, I’m busy… doing nothing. There is an article circulating online right now that has nothing to do with a Kardashian making a drastic change to their hair, or Ann Hathaway returning her room service 4 times, and guess what, it’s better than both of those articles combined! The article is titled 6 reasons why my husband and I probably won’t make it to your event and seriously It has me feeling better and better about all my declined rsvp’s each time I read it. After that baby arrives and you’re officially tagged with the motherhood title, so much changes. Other than […]

FAMILY: Back-To-School Blues

Yes, I’m one of those moms. You know the one, where they tear up at goodbyes for school, and no this is not just on day one, I’m talking all year. I love having my baby home, I love my day consisting of pulling her in and out of her car seat, making frantic public bathroom runs in the grocery store, this means I have my bestie with me every step of the way. I don’t understand how this is not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like my space, and often find myself craving it during the days but I get it at night, and […]

PARENTING: If I Believed Everything She Said

As parents, I think it’s fair to say we come pretty close to taking the cake for having heard it all, next to law enforcement of course. We’ve been told stories that you’d think were a wild and epic dream, that or a story from your 20’s you made your best friend to promise to never speak of again. It’s actually inspiring to talk with a child who has zero boundaries when it comes to life, stories, and the future. I love my random conversations with Sofia, so much so I have been writing them down for a day like today where I can share them with those that […]

FAMILY: 1,095 days past

Sofia turns three on Monday. ….honestly, how does that happen? We’ve had 1,095 days with her, we’ve had 26,280 hours with her, we’ve had 1,576,800 minutes with her as our little baby girl. We’ve cried together, laughed together, sang together, danced together, fought, hugged, kissed… Motherhood has been the most difficult agreement I’ve ever made; funny though how’s it by far the most rewarding. Some days are good, some days less than good, but each day ends with me thinking about her sweet little face, her little tiny voice, her larger than life attitude, and I smile. This kid, she makes my world go around, and although it’ […]