BEST OF NETFLIX; All About The Competition

We love finding random yet surprisingly awesome shows as a family on Netflix, makes for good fun on those down-days that you just can’t face another craft, or mess in the kitchen, or acting out of another scene in Shopkins-ville with Taco Terry and Gale Scale (I can’t even make this stuff up if I try you guys! seriously!). INSERT NETFLIX HERE. Betcha didn’t think Netflix also had games? That’s what I’m talking about, a guessing game, a competition of the quickest mind between a 4 year old genius, a over-tired dad and a mom with a horrible case of baby-brain; good times over here people, good times!  Sammy […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; First Trimester, The Struggle Is Real

We all know the first trimester in a pregnancy can sometimes be the hardest. From the lack-of-energy, the all-day-sickness and the desire to eat nothing but know you must eat all the healthy things. This is why for the first trimester we pretty much stayed indoors and vegged out. Loads of crafts, backyard playing and movies… ALL THE NETFLIX SHOWS AND MOVIES! I loved that most of these days I had company, the family was very much into hanging out with me couch-side. Pajamas all day was something that became less of a treat and more of a normalcy in the house for the past few months. […]

3 Uncommon Cold & Flu Season Remedies

I feel like I’ve been sick forever, a big exaggeration? Maybe, but in my defense it has been a while, I’ve been down and out for 3 weeks now and prior to that Sofia was out for 2 week, it’s like we tag-teamed in a boxing match with snotty and sneezy. It’s been the worst!  Being stuck indoors has definitely played with our minds, that and our social life. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to break plans with friends. Sofia and I look forward to our time with those that we love. We’ve probably pulled out on 6 or 7 playdates […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; sick days, they may make you crazy

Sofia and I went stir crazy yesterday, we stayed home the entire day as I was in no shape (or form) to go out, and it made us both a little crazy (in a Miley Cyrus sorta’ way, not good guys, it was quite the sight). There are only so many things you can do with a 4-year old when your brain and body are running at half speed. We played Shopkins until I could no longer handle talking for a taco anymore, we got artistic and painted until I gave into my clean and organized ways and I could no longer handle the amount of red splatter that was […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; for the Holidays {+giveaway}

Isn’t it funny how an event or moment can mold into a family tradition so quickly? It’s sorta’ the case with baking cookies while watching a Christmas movie over the Holidays. It doesn’t just happen once in this house, I mean come on a dozen cookies only lasts a night of binge watching Homeland, right? Sofia and I bake cookies over the holidays at least 3 or 4 times, and along with being paired with a huge flour’y mess it also goes perfectly with a Christmas cartoon or classic Christmas movie.  This time, we tried a new recipe, which I will not share as I would love to […]