Why I’m Not Making any New Years Resolutions

In past years I’ve made many RIDICULOUS goals the days leading up to the New Year. From something as simple as drinking more water and using the f-bomb less, in particular during school pick-up conversing with other moms. To something as wild as 90 STRAIGHT DAYS of working out or even crazier cutting out gummy bears and sour keys with my bubble baths. Seriously you guys! I don’t drink and yet even I question if I may have had one too many while I made these New Years Resolutions.  You see, New Years Resolutions for someone like myself, someone who must see perfection in everything she does, […]

2015, I got this.

I have finally realized my depth of love for New Years, and it only took me 31 countdowns. Not for the party or the fabulous excuse to eat chocolate and drink champagne at midnight, nope, none of that. I love New Years for the ultimate fresh start, the reset on life, the mother of all Mondays; my friends it gets no better than January 1st. Make those goals, write them down, hold yourself accountable. Make 2015 your year, I know I am. You got this, we got this, it’s our year!

I Quit The Kardashians!

For 2015, I refuse to have a feed filled with unrealistic views. From ones social life, to their home life, perfection is not measured by the amount of money that you can spend on your family Christmas card, or for that matter, your photo shopped cover image that was supposed to “break the internet”. I’m not filling my eyes or my head with unrealistic lives that have me craving more out of my own. It’s fun to window shop, but when you’re window shopping in a store that the items are not for sale, you’re just a teasing yourself. MY LIFE AND MY BODY ARE PERFECT. I have made TWO pacts […]

…and we’re back!

I feel like I’ve gone for a long while. I mini-vacation that was not known to myself nor all of you. Shame on me, I think I’ve been gone for a total of a week and I’m pretty sure it hurts me more than it does all of you. Pulling out some of my one liners that I learnt in motherhood 101. Do you forgive me yet?! DON’T WORRY I’m back and boy do I ever have some fun in store for you this year. I’m dreaming… dreaming bigger than ever before. Are you ready? 5 things that I would like for myself this year 1. more […]