Our Annual Outdoor Movie Night {Disaster Strikes}

((check out the full vlog at the link below)) Our annual Summer Outdoor Movie Night has come and gone, and of all things that I forget, and am forced on on THE DAY to hunt down… GOODNESS ME! Let’s just say I had a lot on my plate, deal?!  The guest count was HIGH and so were the expectations, the ones I had put out for myself of course. I for some ludacrious reason think each year should top the last, because I like to torture myself that’s why. I made sure to keep my promise to Sofia and play the Trolls movie, but not to Sammy […]

DIY: Backyard Movie Night

If you build it, they will come! Oh, we built it! And they did come! What an epic night we had over the weekend. Had some of our favorite people over in our backyard, far past everyone’s bedtime and we curled up with blankets and pillows watching a movie in the great outdoors. It’s been one of my “must do” things for the Summer over the past 2 years now and it was even more magical that I ever imagined it would be. Last year we felt it was just a tad too early to be keeping Sofia up that late, but this year we thought she could handle it, […]