{mini} FASHION: Smile Days

{Joe Fresh Shirt // Joe Fresh Pants // Jacket c/o Memoiyo // Shoes c/o Over the Loom} This smile, it’s what I live for. Straight up real-life, honest smiles, there is really nothing better. Sofia is such a silly kid at heart, she loves to laugh and better yet make others laugh, especially when they’re showing anything but a smile on their face. I look to this as someone who is extremely loving, caring and of course showing concern of others emotions around her. That to me shows I’ve done something right. Am I right mamas? You know what I love about this age, real opinions. Before I could just throw […]

Over the Loom is a NECESSITY

Okay so by a show of hands who doesn’t know who Over the Loom is? *waiting* This is what I thought, EVERYONE knows Over the Loom by now, they are only the most gorgeous childrens clothing store online whom ever existed. I mean this, literally. The fabrics, the designs the RUFFLES… THE BOWS. Your baby girls just must have a piece in their wardrobes, it’s really a necessity, like underwear. Really it is. Other than their amazing pieces, another thing I lover so much about them is how much they listen to US, the buyer. If you are a follower of the Over the Loom fan page […]


SHIRT over the loom VEST old navy LEGGINGS joe fresh SHOES over the loom Another day another adorable outfit. It’s the way we like to live over here at our house. Sleep, wake, slip into some of our most favorite ensembles. This; being one of them. Sofia loves sparkles just as much as the the next diva, and this shirt is by far one of her favorites. I think it’s obvious what she loves about it, but let me tell you what I think it fabulous about this 2 for 1 shirt. It comes apart and can be worn separately. You’d better believe this black crop top is […]

What Sofia Wore: Fancy Florals

 SWEATER over the loom TANK TOP h&m LEGGINGS over the loom It’s not easy being cute… Or maybe it is! I know one things for sure, Sofia loves Over the Loom just as much as I do. When I asked her what her favorite thing about her new outfit was, she replied “flowers, so lots of flowers, one two three four, just lots mommy”. What I love most about an Over the Loom piece, is its detailing. All their pieces have such style, it definitely is beyond the normal toddler pieces you’ll buy in a big box store. Purchasing two of three pieces intermingling it through out […]