Motherhood; this is one

Maybe I forgot after 5 years but HOLY CRAP you guys, 1 is all about making mini disasters everywhere you go.  I can’t be alone here, HELP ME OUT HERE as I’m having a hard time remembering Sofia doing this, because frankly if she did, I did a damn good job at forgetting this stage. These days were all about pulling down (kitchen towels, hand towels, pillows, blankets, bedding), unrolling (toilet paper rolls), unloading (Tupperware drawers, cupboards, laundry baskets) and CLIMBING (anything unstable seems to be her first choice).  Stella is a SILENT DESTROYER, she’s focused and concentrated on the task at hand, I should really be more […]

FAMILY: Back-To-School Blues

Yes, I’m one of those moms. You know the one, where they tear up at goodbyes for school, and no this is not just on day one, I’m talking all year. I love having my baby home, I love my day consisting of pulling her in and out of her car seat, making frantic public bathroom runs in the grocery store, this means I have my bestie with me every step of the way. I don’t understand how this is not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like my space, and often find myself craving it during the days but I get it at night, and […]

PARENTING: If I Believed Everything She Said

As parents, I think it’s fair to say we come pretty close to taking the cake for having heard it all, next to law enforcement of course. We’ve been told stories that you’d think were a wild and epic dream, that or a story from your 20’s you made your best friend to promise to never speak of again. It’s actually inspiring to talk with a child who has zero boundaries when it comes to life, stories, and the future. I love my random conversations with Sofia, so much so I have been writing them down for a day like today where I can share them with those that […]

FAMILY: Winning at parenthood

It’s something amazing when you turn your back for what feels like just a moment and upon your return your child has literally grown up in front of your eyes. Many parents will tell you, blink and eye and they will be graduating. It’s not a lie people, the struggle is real, they grow up way too fast. The other day while I was preparing dinner Sofia took to her easel that we have setup in our living room, with a simple marker and paper she drew the most perfect picture in my eyes, I just had to share. She went on to explain to me that this […]