ORGANIZATION: Personal Planner +Giveaway

Organization is something I crave, I love routine, I love knowing what’s ahead and feeling like I am in control of my day (and in theory, life). Wow! That escalated quickly… So now that we have admitted to being a complete control freak, here you have a little inside look into how I do just that; control like a freak. My personal planner, my life, my little leather companion that if I misplaced, I would be a lost kitten without. Coming from someone who not only likes to feel a sense of daily direction, but someone who often bites off more than she can chew and double books herself, it’s absolutely […]

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Personal Planner

Disclosure: I received a free custom planner as a thank you for sharing personal planner with you. I do however truly love the product and the opinions expressed on today’s post are honestly my own As a mother I think this is sorta a given, but next to snacks and wipes, always having your day-timer near is a savior.With high hopes to get numerous thing done in one day it’s a given we are so attached to our planners; dodging the sense of forever “forgetting something”. We were approached by Personal Planner to make our very own personalized planner and their was NO WAY I was going to […]