Disneyland’s PhotoPass vs. MaxPass

Apparently the start of the year brings many hopes and dreams for upcoming Family Vacations for many. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked so many questions about our Disneyland Vacations over the years I thought I would put a few of the questions into a post. WHY? Because PhotoPass vs. MaxPass is a great questions, that and because Disneyland is INCREDIBLE and they’re worthy of breaking down for those who are asking. Disneyland for us, is not a trip that is booked in a whim. Planning months in advance is ideal to make the most of your families vacation. It’s why I like to share so […]

TRAVEL: Is the Disney Photopass+ worthy of it’s hype?

Yes! Straight up, it’s worth every last penny, the entireĀ 6,995 pennies that it cost ($69.95 if you buy it at least 14 days prior to your visit or $99.95 purchased anytime) it was worthy of, and more. Coming home knowing that I had just over 160 photos of me and my family together inside the park made this girl as happy as a clam. So here is how it works: 1. Buy the photopass+ online here 2. Wait for the package to arrive in the mail (a photopass voucher and a CD with stock images) 3. Register online as per the instructions on the voucher, tuck it […]