Plus-size fashion… oh how things have changed

It’s funny, yesterday I was scrolling through my facebook feed and I saw a killer dress I just felt I just had to own. You know when something catches your eyes, stops you in your tracks and refuses to leave your head. Like walking by an entire box of glazed donuts with only one sprinkle covered sugary goodness left.  As if the clouds have opened and a ray of sunshine is beaming down your path right to it. Yeah, that feeling, I’m going to bottle that up and sell it! If you don’t already know about Monif C, let me introduce you! Plus-size fashion outlet that knows […]

Fashion: Ends at size 12

image source I read this article a little while ago, so I am certain this won’t be “breaking news” for most of you. Never the less, it has hit a cord with me personally. I am not a Tim Gunn fan, until now. Not because I disliked him in anyways, but because I gave him none of my spare time. Here’s a news flash for you, I don’t watch Project Runway nor do I watch his show “Guide to Style” on Bravo. Is that weird, that I don’t watch these two uber poplar fashion-dedicated shows? I do however know Time Gunn as the voice of Baileywick in […]